We have a variety of packages to suit your dog's needs. From a brush to a wow factor cut and style. We also have a selection of extra services including pawdicures and teeth cleaning.

Bubble Dogs

Perfect for feeling fresh clean. This package includes a pre-brush to remove any matting. A soothing bath with our all natural shampoo, followed by a fabulous blow dry. Finishing the look with an ear clean and nail trim.

  • Mini Woof from £30
  • Medium Woof from £35
  • Big Woof from £40

Show Stopper

The full works for your perfect pooch. A full shampoo and conditioning treatment, followed by a blow dry. After your dog is squeaky clean, Our stylists will help you pick a fabulous cut that suits your dogs breed and personality. Top it all off with a spritz of cologne, ready to be the talk of the park.

  • Mini Woof from £38
  • Medium Woof from  £45  
  • Big Woof from £55

Full Blown Fabulous

Includes everything from tail to nose, leaving your dog looking pristine.

Starting with pre-brush, followed by a sublime soak with luxurious paw treatment. After your dog is fluff dried to perfection our stylist will haircut to your desired look. Finishing off with a nail trim, ear clean and of course mouth freshener. Completing the look with a spritz of all natural cologne.

  • Mini Woof from £55
  • Medium Woof from  £65  
  • Big Woof from £75

Puppy Primer

 Introducing your puppy to the world of grooming. With lots of new sensations grooming can be a little overwhelming, however getting your dog used to the salon right from the get go can make ongoing grooming much more pleasant and enjoyable.  Using lots of positive reinforcement and treats we can make grooming a fun activity.

Suitable for puppies up to 6 months old.

Package includes, one bath, brush and blow dry and introduction to nail clipping.

  • Mini Woof from £30
  • Medium Woof from £35
  • Big Woof from £40


For our wire and double coated clients, a de-shed treatment could be just what the woof doctor ordered. We start with a bath to encourage any loose hair to free itself from your dog's coat. During a relaxing blow-dry, we will begin de-shedding! This involves removing excess and loose fur from a dog's undercoat without cutting, naturally maintaining their healthy coat. We will happily chat through your dog's suitability for a de-shed, feel free to get in touch to find out more.
  • Mini Woof from £35
  • Medium Woof from £40  
  • Big Woof from £45

Extra toppings for your dog

Nail clip

Teeth clean

Brush out

From £12
From £5
From £10


From £15

Ear clean

From £10

Nails & ears

From £16

Paws & Ears

From £16

Paw treatment

From £16

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